About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony.

I’m a professional copywriter, but you can call me a word-nerd. Do you know how some people like going out to clubs, concerts, and other exciting celebrations that start with the letter “c”? Me, I’m a writer at heart. I think English homework is fun. 

My background as an award winning salesman taught me the astonishing power of persuasion and the magic of words. Every time you work with me, you’re signing up for genuine copy that’s designed to attract attention and generate surging results.

Discover what sales taught me about copywriting. 

The Value Of The First Impression

People make snapshot decisions. The truth about life is that the first impression is always the most important. I will make sure your brand gives off a confident first impression that leaves your clients dazzled.

The Necessity Of Connection

People want to feel understood. The more you connect with someone, the easier it is to build trust. I make sure your message connects with your audience, so they smile and vibe with what you offer.

Solving Problems

People buy solutions to solve problems. Remember, your client wants to feel confident that you can help them. I make sure your copy is crystal clear and your benefits are highlighted, so your clients know exactly what you can do for them.

Asking For The Business

Nothing happens until you ask. Most sales are missed simply because nobody ever asked for them. I’ll make sure your copy is lavishly optimized to capture more business. 


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